Bourgault's mission is to design, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality, most durable, and reliable farm equipment in the world, that is affordable and meets or exceeds the expectations of their most demanding customers.


Bourgault 2015 Catalogue




8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator


Durable & Versatile

The 8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator is one of the most versatile farming implements available. No other implement can be set up for tillage,
then reconfigured into an effective seeding system. The clean and simple floating hitch design, durable construction, and superior residue flow characteristics have made this toolbar a mainstay throughout the small grain regions.


  • Innovative and Durable Design - The 8910 will provide many seasons of trouble-free operation.
  • Heavy Residue Conditions - You will be able to till through last season's straw with minimal plugging issues.
  • Excellent Contouring Characteristics - The 8910 in-frame running gear placement ensures even opener depth across the depth of the cultivator.
  • Hydraulic System - Bourgault incorporates a superior, dependable hydraulic design.
  • Single Point Depth Control - Quick and effective depth setting.
  • Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly - Proven over the decades as the standard for spring trip design.
  • Side Draft Eliminators - Eliminate skewing in hilly field conditions.
  • Spring Action Mud Scrapers - Keep your wheels clean in wet conditions.
  • Titan Quik-Detach Arms - Harrows and packers can be interchanged easily.
  • Mounted Harrows and Mounted Packers - The 8910 is available with various attachments to match your requirements.
  • Bourgault Trailing Hitch - Accommodate a wide array of towed implements.
  • 8910 Culti-Drill™ - Configure the 8910 for one-pass seeding!

6000 Series


The World's Most Advanced Air Seeder

The 6000 Series is regarded as the best air seeder available on the market today. The 6000 Series offers size, features, and versatility found in no other product delivery cart. When you speak to current 6000 Series owners, they will tell you about compartment flexibility, simple and accurate metering, and features that are both convenient and time-saving. Once you see what the 6000 series can offer, you will agree it is the right air seeder for you.


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