The Silvan Selecta range from Silvan was established to service the smaller spraying and general accessory requirements of farmers, gardeners, nurseries, the handyman, builders, plumbers and landscapers.

The Selecta range includes Australia’s favourite ‘Spotpak’ 12-volt sprayers, many other hand and knapsack style sprayers, fire fighting equipment, diesel transfer equipment, water pumps, the Sherlock range of wheelbarrows and the Selecta Blue range of AdBlueTM transfer equipment. The range also features accessories to maximise the capabilities of existing equipment such as pumps, hoses, spray guns, nozzles and nozzle holders, fittings, filters and tanks.

Selecta products are renowned for its strength, durability and quality of workmanship. We know what our customers expect when they purchase one of our products, and we don’t let them down.

Selecta is also the manufacturer and distributor of the Sherlock range of tradesman wheelbarrows and supplies these and a range of other Hardware items such as Cyclone garden tools, pumps and trolleys to the national hardware market.


Selecta - leading the field

As a division of Silvan, Selecta is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional back-up service. The Selecta
division was established to service the accessory requirements of primary producers, hobby farmers, plant nurseries and the home gardener. Merchandise products and componentry are their main focus.

Since its inception in 1995, Selecta has grown to become the leader in its field and offers innovative and efficient products to its growing customer base.

In 2005 Silvan acquired Better H2O Management creating Silvan H2O, a company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing rainwater utilisation systems. This includes Aquagarden, which stores and delivers rainwater to your garden, and Aquasource a system that supplies rainwater for domestic toilet flushing, laundry and hot water services.

In June 2006 Silvan also acquired the business of Elmhurst Trading and Sherlock Manufacturing Group. This acquisition was added to the new Selecta Hardware business and brought Silvan customers and an exciting new range of products such as trolleys, shovels, building products and the highly regarded Sherlock wheelbarrow.

Today a full range of Silvan products are used throughout the Australian continent and they are exported to countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand and New Caledonia.